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Design Brand Identity for Tryft, a Revolutionary Inventory Management Platform




Pharma Industry


About the Brand

Tryft is revolutionizing the supply chain industry with their expertise in cloud-based SaaS solutions. They help businesses tackle the high costs of inventory obsolescence by providing innovative and efficient inventory management tools and valuable insights. This empowers businesses to streamline operations and stay ahead of the curve.

The Challange

Tryft's branding challenge was to forge an identity that captured their revolutionary spirit. They wanted to visually represent their mission: transforming inventory management and empowering businesses to save money and resources.


The Solution

To convey their vision of saving resources, Tryft's identity cleverly incorporates a pocket-like element. This simple yet evocative symbol visually represents the concept of saving and efficiently managing resources. The minimal design, paired with a well-chosen color palette, ensures a clean and scalable identity that seamlessly translates across all branding applications.


Brand Identity

Embracing minimalism at its core, Tryft's identity cleverly incorporates a pocket-like element.

Group 1000005887.png
Group 1000002869.png

Brand Palette

Standing out from the crowd was a key element for Tryft's brand identity. The challenge was to create a fresh and unique color palette that deviated from the typical, often uninspired, visual schemes common in the SaaS industry.

Umbrella Branding

Tryft, with its scalable brand identity, acts as a strong umbrella brand for its inventory management solutions. This allows seamless integration of flagship products like Traceflow and Smartdepot (real-time warehouse management).

Brand expression

The brilliance of Tryft's brand identity lies in its versatile expression. From meticulously crafted design prototypes to a cohesive visual language, it seamlessly extends across all their branding materials.

Group 1000005894.png

Bigger the Challenge, Bigger the Impact

88 Million

Data points processed

88 Million

Data points processed

88 Million

Data points processed

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