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Designing Brand Identity for The Madzik Show, an identity about solidifying a strong reputation throughout. 


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About the Brand

After a successful stint in the corporate world, Chandrankit Sharma made a bold decision to pursue his passion as a full-time magician and mentalist. This shift allowed him to carve a unique niche within the corporate world, gaining fame for his captivating performances.
He offers a variety of experiences, categorized as corporate shows, private shows, virtual shows, and workshops. His impeccable talent has cemented his magic show as a top choice for corporate events.

The Challange

The client, Chandrankit, desires a complete brand refresh, encompassing both his personal identity and his digital presence. While seeking a new logo, he emphasizes maintaining a recognizable foundation with subtle improvements to enhance brand recognition. Similarly, the website design should evoke the captivating experience Chandrankit delivers during his live performances.

The Solution

The final product included a new logo that perfectly captures Chandrankit's essence as a magician. The website design followed suit, incorporating consistent elements from the newly established brand identity to create a cohesive visual experience.

Brand Identity

Chandrakant's brand identity isn't just a logo and colors; it's a dynamic reflection of his bold personality. It captures the electrifying energy of his live performances and the unique "X-factor" that sets him apart.

Brand Story

The logo embodies the professional yet magical atmosphere Chandrankit Sharma cultivates during his performances. Bold typography conveys the powerful and unforgettable experience offered to his audience. The letter "K" is creatively replaced with an "X" to symbolize Chandrankit's expressive nature and the element of surprise ("wow factor") he delivers in his shows. The use of a vibrant purple color palette signifies the grandeur and unique character of his artistry.

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Brand expression

This electrifying energy isn't confined to the stage. It permeates Chandrakant's brand identity, from his captivating stage presence to his branded materials and even his public appearances.

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Bigger the Challenge, Bigger the Impact

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