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Designing Brand Identity for Stone Love, a brand that is specializing in customized stone products


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About the Brand

Stone Love is a brand specializing in customized stone products tailored to each customer's preferences, conveyed with emotional storytelling unique to each product. It operates as a subsidiary of Rokkamint, the parent company.

The Challange

Carving out its own voice within the Rokkamint family wasn't easy for Stone Love. The challenge was to forge a brand identity that went beyond simply showcasing products. They needed a strategy that spoke directly to the heart, using emotional storytelling to inspire customers and guide them towards creating their own personalized stone treasures.


The Solution

To establish Stone Love as a distinct brand within the Rokkamint family, we adopted a minimalist approach for their logo. Clean lines and uppercase lettering were chosen to convey a sense of trust, professionalism, and a touch of high-end sophistication. The key element, however, is the heart symbol replacing the letter "o." This subtle detail, resembling a carved heart in stone, fosters an emotional connection with the audience, perfectly aligning with Stone Love's focus on personalized, heartfelt creations.

Brand Identity

Stone Love whispers its story. A minimalist logo, with a carved heart replacing the "o," speaks volumes, fostering emotional connections for personalized stone creations.

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Brand expression

Stone Love's brand identity seamlessly blends with its products. Minimalist prototypes and mockups showcase the brand's high-end personality through clean design.


Bigger the Challenge, Bigger the Impact

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88 Million

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88 Million

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