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Money Matters

This solution was conceived independently by MFable Creative Lab after witnessing a problem with various early-stage bootstrapped start-ups. The need was identified to have better financial planning which can help minimize the loss of time and money. Additionally, the solution should be very intuitive with a low cognitive load. It was imperative for the solution to provide a powerful knowledge repository with strong community support to aid business growth.


In House




Pune, India




The initial input for this solution was an existing problem statement of some early-stage start-ups. As the initial data points were limited, the project required extensive research to be done in order to make the solution comprehensive. Keeping the data visualization interfaces extremely intuitive and clutter-free was of paramount importance in order to have better decision-making.



Device agnostic digital solutions that provide a very intuitive interface to build and leverage community support, learn about finance and taxes, and track and grow money. The app also provides a powerful AI mechanism and user-configurable alerts/notifications.


  • Minimized cognitive load so as to maximize usability and enhance the user experience.

  • Helps in convenient tracking and managing financial assets.

  • Facilitates a community of like-minded people and their support for business growth.

  • Extensive learning resources to enhance the knowledge related to finance and taxes.

  • Extremely handy tools to track and grow money along with access to a great team of experts. 

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