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Designing a powerful, adaptable brand identity for LetsMapIt, a location marketing leader with an all-in-one toolkit, to showcase their comprehensive value proposition.


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About the Brand

LetsMapIt is a SAAS company that provides software for small- and large-scale businesses to manage and analyse their daily sales and information. As the company is aiming to elevate itself, their requirement was to catch up with modern business trends. Hence, LetsMapIt needed a complete new identity. To understand their services and products, an omnichannel approach was continued. With a new colour palate and a new form, a new identity was designed. 

The Challange

In today's crowded marketplace of emerging companies and services, designing a complete new identity for a SaaS company became a collaborative effort. The client, seeking to differentiate themselves, desired a fresh brand identity with a unique color palette – a change from the typical visual identity of SaaS companies.

The Solution

After ideating in numerous design iterations, a final brand identity was designed. Subsequently, this identity was translated across the company's online presence, including Facebook and LinkedIn, ensuring brand consistency for all customer touchpoints.


Brand Identity

Let'sMapIt's brand identity is clear and engaging. It connects with customers by visually showcasing the company's vision: a comprehensive suite of location marketing tools. This distinct visual language ensures a memorable and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

Brand Story

LETSMAPIT's new logo embodies their omnichannel approach, signifying the company's expanding suite of products. It visually represents the convergence of these offerings into a unified platform, delivering a comprehensive suite of services under the LETSMAPIT brand.

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Brand expression

Let'sMapIt's brand identity speaks volumes. Consistent visuals across mockups and materials radiate their voice, creating a unified experience.

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Bigger the Challenge, Bigger the Impact

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88 Million

Data points processed

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