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Reimagining Sustainable IoT: Data-Driven Design for a Low-Carbon Future


Product Strategy | Innovation Consulting | User Interface Design | Enterprise UX


Energy Management

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Greenergy’s current IoT platform interface lacks efficient space utilization, coherent navigation, and clear visual hierarchy. This results in a confusing user experience that hinders the platform's ability to effectively communicate sustainability data and encourage low-carbon practices. The absence of accessibility features like dark mode further limits user engagement and contradicts the platform's sustainability mission.



Solution features an optimized layout with intuitive universal navigation, clear visual hierarchies, and consistent card designs. This new interface efficiently utilizes space, enhances information clarity, and improves overall usability, empowering users to easily access and act on sustainability data.

Research & Discovery

With user interviews, heuristic evaluation and competitive analysis - we immersed ourselves in the
world of Traceflow.

Heuristic Analysis

Using 10 usability heuristics, we evaluated all of Greenergy screens individually, critically determining how easy - or difficult - it is to use. We identified a host of problems with usability and began looking for creative, multi-faceted solutions for the same.

Final Evaluation Summary:

Interface suffers from inefficient space utilization, lacks cohesive navigation, hierarchy between information cards, resulting in an inconsistent and confusing user experience.


Competitive Analysis

We analysed the general architecture of Greenergy's four biggest competitors (L&T Energy, Sense, Gridpoint, and Atrius) to understand how their platforms differ from Greenergy's and the potential reasons behind those differences.

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Ideation & Strategy

To expand our thinking process and solve the problems we were presented with creativity, we
indulged in some assiduous strategic ideation.

Information Architecture

Greenergy was harbouring an exceedingly linear architecture when we came into the picture. According to the needs of the user personas, we re-organised that architecture such that users are exposed only to the features relevant to their role.


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After solidifying the information architecture for Greenergy's energy
management platform, we transitioned to the wire framing phase.
We optimised UI layouts, exploring various options with different functionalities. This resulted in a core blueprint for the initial design, ensuring a user-friendly experience.


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The most tangible part of our process! We used insights from collected data to rebuild Greenergy’s interface such that it brings its existing/future users both relief, and delight!

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Designing for Accessibility

Implemented to reduce eye strain, enhance readability, and lower power consumption. Features optimized contrast ratios, adjusted color accents, and easy toggle access, balancing accessibility with sustainability goals.

Color and type

With carefully curated color schemes and meticulously chosen
fonts, we've transformed the once lackluster design into a
visually rich one with a highly accessible experience.


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Bigger the Challenge, Bigger the Impact

88 Million

Data points processed

$442 Million

Saved across the globe

60 %

Company growth

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