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Compliance Track, a legal tech leader in India, sought a brand refresh to modernize their visual identity while maintaining core elements.




Life Science Industry

Law Firm

About the Brand

ComplianceTrack envision a world where compliance is not a burden, but a strategic advantage. The company aims to provide a seamless and intelligent cloud-based solution that empowers businesses to effortlessly meet and exceed compliance requirements.

The Challange

The client desired a strategic evolution of their logo, maintaining core brand recognition while introducing a more direct visual representation of their service. While initial concepts potrayed the abstract nature of the previous logo, subsequent iterations prioritized a clear representation, to effectively communicate their service offering, regardless of future brand messaging adjustments.

The Solution

The logo was redesigned to directly convey the company's service purpose, accompanied by a subtle shift in the color palette. This new logo form introduced a signature element that was then incorporated across all digital and physical assets, including the business profile, social media posts, business cards, letterhead, and brochures.

Brand Identity

The revitalized brand identity clearly conveys their vision while remaining true to their core values.

Brand Story

The organization has implemented a refined logo design. The most notable change is the incorporation of a stylized Gavale within the letter "C". The remainder of the logo retains its prior form, with a subtle color palette update.

Group 8754.png

Brand expression

ComplianceTrack's refresh speaks for itself. A cohesive visual language flows across all touchpoints, from stationery to marketing materials, ensuring a seamless brand experience.

Group 8757.png

Bigger the Challenge, Bigger the Impact

88 Million

Data points processed

88 Million

Data points processed

88 Million

Data points processed

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